Pilot Basic TRaining

Computerbased training for education


Project background

For German army aviation pilots stationed in Bückeburg, benntec develops and supports the Integrated Learning and Training system for Helicopter Pilot Basic Training (ILT HPBT), one of the cornerstones of the Bückeburg model. The ILT HPBT is implemented as one of the most modern and, in terms of its scope, one of the largest training systems by the German Armed Forces at the School of Army Aviation as part of the international training course. In addition, the software is used by other institutions such as the German Federal Police Force, private aviation schools and vocation schools. Since 1995 benntec has been a partner of the School of Army Aviation in the field of e-learning and desktop training.


The Integrated Learning and Training System for Helicopter Pilot Basic Training (ILT HPBT) is a CBT for teaching theory during the training of helicopter pilots.

The learning program provides multimedia and interactive learning programs on two screens per workstation. Administration of the learning programs, student administration and the individual rendering of content for various students or student groups, as well as learning progress supervision, are handled in the ILT via the management system developed expressly for this purpose. The learner can work with the multimedia self-learning applications with or without instructor guidance. Exercises and assignments facilitate the learning process and the monitoring of one’s own learning progress. In contrast to a regular PC with only one monitor, the two-screen solution allows for a larger spatial presentation of the learning content.

At present, the program covers the entire content of the subjects aircraft engineering, aerodynamics and avionics, as well as the essential principles of general navigation and meteorology, in alignment with the provisions of the European regulations of the EASA FCL.

The benefit

Through interactive training, the learner can observe the resulting system changes on one monitor by influencing input devices on another. The idea comes from standard pilot training: in the same way a student learns to scan the instruments in the cockpit in order to continuously monitor a wide area in a precise manner, the ILT programs teach a similar technique: the end result being that a student learns broaden his focus.


It is possible to use the learning system described under the terms of a licensing agreement or as a purchase.

The subject areas listed can also be acquired as standalone software packages delivered on CD without network connectivity. In fact it is also possible to acquire individual subjects from a subject area, entire subject areas or the full range of the ILT. In addition, acquisition of the media (graphics, 2D and 3D animations) used in the ILT is possible, in order to use or edit them separately from the learning programs for one's own training purposes.

Moreover, the acquisition of the training management system or a corresponding licensing agreement is possible for administering the ILT learning programs and or enabling program routines via a network.