Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality Training

Training in a new Dimension

Immerse yourself in a new training world. A virtual world that comes so close to reality, you sink completely into it during your training. Training with VR glasses, in contrast to learning on the PC, requires use of your full body. Because of this actual physical participation the training is more effective. Virtual reality (VR) as a training technology is more than just gamification and animation. It is an important building block for the future of digital learning.

See what’s inside. Avoid risks.

Details which would otherwise hidden on actual devices or equipment become visible and experienceable. Enter high-risk areas that no one has entered before.
Virtual Reality – Experience a new dimension!


Experience freedom of movement and immerse yourself in the training world!
With 360° environments and detailed 3D renderings.

VR as a training technology

  • Improved detection of proportions and distances
  • Learn orientation skills in complex environments
  • Risk-free practice in an otherwise dangerous environment
  • Cost-effective training without the need for original equipment

VR possibilities

  • Orientation
    • Learn orientation skills in complex environments or premises
    • Recognize proportions and distances
    • Learn the use of site maps or floor plans for better orientation
    • Explore surroundings with the ability to store additional information on sensitive areas (hotspots) in the form of pictures, videos or web content
  • Exploration
    • Explore a system or room with maximum freedom of movement
    • Interact with components
    • Retrieve additional information
    • Practice in hazardous areas that can otherwise only be entered at high risk or not at all
    • Explore details with different presentation formats, which would not be visible in the original equipment
  • Interaction and procedural processes
    • Machine/device operation
    • Drive vehicles
    • Interact with the system as an operator or technician
    • Disassembly and assembly of components
    • Show hints or checklists as help
    • Avoid negative training
      • Steps are only possible in predefined order
      • Intelligent feedback guards against false steps (e.g., color markers and/or text messages in response to false interaction attempts)
  • Training opportunities
    • Individual training with an “integrated teacher” in the VR world
    • Individual training with support:
      • Assistance from the instructor by means of instructions to the acting trainee
    • Group training:
      • Trace a group's movements and interactions by means of large-scale projection
      • Guided tour by an instructor
      • Analysis and evaluation by the group
    • Multi-Player Mode:
      • Several trainees move together in a VR scene and must work together to solve a task
    • Evaluation of exercises:
      • Review a recorded group exercise on a large screen

Presentation options

Transparent representation
Interactive dismantling
Particle systems (liquids/gases)
Exploded views
Cutaway models
VR in training technology is no gimmick. Entering inaccessible areas and making hidden technology visible – these are just two advantages of Virtual Reality. The technology is ready. Are you?
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