Q & A Quiz App

Mobile learning when and where I want it

The Q&A-App from benntec makes it easy to retain knowledge. The focus is on the user. He or she decides when, where, and how long to study. With the Q&A-App, it’s actually fun to find the right answer! Many motivational training modes are available: from relaxed self-learning to challenges with colleagues.

You determine the content

How are questions entered into the app? With an easy-to-use authoring tool (editor). Instructors can add current topics, and user management and comprehensive statistics make this learning management tool lean and fast. Plus, the appearance of the app can be adapted to your corporate design, creating a cohesive experience for the user.


At LEARNTEC 2015, the Q&A-App received an award in the “Professional” category. The jury's verdict praises “the concept with enormous transfer potential.”

So simple


With the editing tool, trainers edit questions and manage the results of each trainee.

Database and server

The database and server store, transfer, and receive content from the app. The data is encrypted (AES 256). The server can either be on site at your company or at a professional hosting service.


With the app on the smartphone, every trainee can ensure their individual level of knowledge. Temporary storage of data is possible. No smartphone? No employees will be left behind: the quiz also runs on a PC or tablet.

Super easy operation and fun! The app can also be used for a corporate anniversary, product relaunch or other events.

Three game modes

  • Train

    Relaxed learning at your own pace:

    • No points
    • No time pressure
    • No influence on ranking
    • Additional information for the correct answer
  • Play
    Spielmodus Play

    More motivation:

    • 20 seconds playing time
    • Points for each correct answer
    • Minus points for every wrong answer
    • Nerd-bonus of 50 points for a round with all the right answers
    • Help: 50:50 Joker (once per round)
  • Challenge
    Spielmodus Challenge

    Direct duels:

    • Challenge colleagues (asynchronous)
      • random opponents
      • desired opponents
    • Double points for each correct answer
    • Double minus points for each incorrect answer
    • Winner bonus: 100 points for the winner
    • Help: 50:50 Joker (once per round)


Easy to manage!

Just log in to the web browser as an administrator, and you can see usage frequency and rankings. New trainees can be added, grouped or notified.