We love Bremen

We love Bremen

With umbrella, charm and Weser view

Yes, there is a stiff breeze and the umbrella has to be unpacked sometimes. But Bremen makes up for that with a lot of cosy maritime feel-good atmosphere and wins the hearts for itself! 

In the beautiful Hanseatic city, benntec's head office is located - quite suitably - in the Technology Park, Bremen's high-tech location with more than 350 companies, very close to the university. Science and business are united here - which is fantastic, because technology and learning are our passion!

Do you like cycling? Then you've come to the right place, because in 2018 Bremen was voted to “the most bicycle-friendly city (with more than 500,000 inhabitants)” by the ADFC. If not, that's also fine. With bus and train, you can reach all important places quickly. In just a few minutes by bicycle or tram you can reach the city centre of Bremen. The charm of old half-timbered houses awaits you there. Bremen is somehow a village, everything is small and cute. 

In the narrow alleys of the “Schnoor” you feel like in the 18th century. At the “Schlachte” you can enjoy the view over the river Weser while enjoying a ‘Becks’ beer. Or would you rather take a walk along the Weser?

Culturally, our beautiful Hanseatic city also has a lot to offer. If you stroll along the market square, you can admire the “Bremer Roland” and the town hall, both UNESCO world cultural heritage sites, as well as the famous “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”. No wonder that Bremen is one of the top 10 of Germany's most popular travel cities. 

On rainy days you can explore the universe, an interactive science museum, watch a film in Germany's first repertory cinema or fill your belly with Bremen's specialty kale and “Pinkel”, which is a special local sausage. Did we already mention that, according to stories, the famous and notorious “Rollo” was invented in Bremen?

By the way, we are the only German city with an international airport, which is only about 10 minutes away from the city center.


So many impressive things can be found in our beautiful Hanseatic city, so we can only say: We love Bremen.