Impart knowledge. Multimedial and mobile

New knowledge for your trainees - better conveyed with the xLearning-App from benntec. Trainees benefit especially from the balanced mixture of pure knowledge transfer and practical application. The xLearning-App is clear and optimized for the small screen (smartphone). Templates into which you can enter your training content reduce the initial effort and make the xLearning-App an easy-to-use, multimedial solution. Employees who do not have a smartphone can access the content via a tablet or PC.

Easy to integrate

xLearning CMS

The web-based content management system (CMS) for the xLearning-App is an organizational tool for administrators and instructors. Within the CMS, you can manage users, customize the design, and most importantly, create your own content. With the help of our templates, you can create complex tasks without programming skills.

Database and server

The database and server store, transfer and receive the content in exchange with the app. The data is encrypted (AES 256). The server can be on site at your company or at a professional hosting service.


With the app on the smartphone, each trainee can expand and test their individual knowledge. Temporary storage of the data is possible. The content of the course consists not only of text and images; videos and interactive elements can be used as well.

More feedback, more motivation! With our xLearning-App, trainees get direct feedback on their level of knowledge. In this way, learning success increases with every application, no matter when, no matter where!

Concept and media

Learn. Test. Check.

The xLearning-App provides an effective mix for the user. The foundation is laid with explanations and exercises, followed by practical applications, which test the actual level of knowledge. There is also a glossary in which you can quickly look up technical terms.

Display options

In addition to text, short videos, and photos, different types of tasks are available for the application of knowledge. Along with classical single- and multiple-choice questions, the "Story" is an exercise which guarantees fun and success.