E-Learning meets Simulation

E-Learning meets Simulation

Knowledge. Training. Skills. The perfect combination

A holistic training concept is particularly important for highly complex systems and processes. With our integrated solutions, e-learning and simulation are intelligently linked. Basic knowledge gained in an e-learning lesson is then used in a desktop simulation. The e-learning module receives information from the simulation, and if necessary can guide the trainee to repeat or practice a specific portion of the basic knowledge training. For an even higher level of training, a simulator can be connected.

From training to the real thing.

Accompany the trainee from the early theoretical learning phase with e-learning, through desktop simulation and training in the simulator, all the way to the first deployment on the real system. The modularity and expansion possibilities make this leading edge technology from benntec the most efficient way to reach your training goals.

SIM/SBA and Asterion

Two systems for your needs

The SIM/SBA concept (simulation / simulation-based training) was developed at MarineSoft (now benntec, Rostock). The concept combines computer-based training with a simulation based on realistic, mathematical-physical models. This done within the simulated environment “iSiFrame”, which was developed in-house. This training solution is a tried-and-tested system and has been used by the German Navy for many years. The system is continually updated and optimized.

With the ASTERION concept, benntec and Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH have created an interactive training solution. Procedural training units in a virtual world are directly connected to a full-mission simulator. This creates an efficient connection between the theoretical transfer of knowledge and practical application in the simulator – for flexible training and increased training success.

Basic knowledge for training success

Every e-learning course follows an innovative didactic design for trainers and trainees. The lessons make possible comprehensive, interactive, guided and self-directed training using 3D animations, texts, graphics, audios and videos. They are based on the technical documentation, manuals, repair instructions, and training documents of the respective original equipment manufacturers. Each exercise covers a particular problem and is associated with a unique learning goal. Combined with the practical exercises in the simulation, the lessons are better absorbed and the retention of knowledge is improved.

Faithful reproductions and flexibility

The simulation developed for the customer corresponds precisely to the original equipment. In other words, not customized generic technology, rather, a tailor-made solution. At the same time, the system remains flexible and adaptable in every way because it is always modular. Both the level of detail of the models, as well as the surfaces, are scalable according to customer requirements. In this way, training with benntec equipment achieves the desired and sustainable level of competence for your trainees.

Application scenarios & possibilities

  • Learning management and system administration are possible
  • Prepare for the training either independently or with an instructor.
  • Context-sensitive IETD link
  • Team training
  • Creation of action sequences within the simulation: Individual exercises can be played as demonstrations and/or as training or test by the trainee.
  • Definition of evaluation criteria and user-specific evaluation and de-briefing of trainings and tests.


moderate The way to the learning goal: as complex as necessary, as simple as possible.
modular All modules can be used independently. Ready-made modules can be used immediately.
expandable New topics and functions: easy to integrate, even in the future.
variable For each target group, apply individual learning objectives and as well as your own learning method: All modules can be linked variably.
integrated E-learning and simulation are synergetically linked. Feedback in both directions makes the training effective.
applicable Direct application of knowledge – practice-oriented for competence-based training.