Awareness Training: Information security

Raising awareness for an effective security culture

Turn your employees into the strongest firewall of your company!

Companies are facing increasing threats in the field of information security today. Cyber-attacks and espionage methods are becoming more aggressive and ingenious. Security incidents are often attributed to employees’ misconduct, who offer numerous attack surfaces for malware and targeted research.

Well-trained and vigilant employees are the most important “gatekeepers” to the information and data within the organization. With our motivating web-based training, you can enhance your company’s security level in line with the NIS-2 directive.

Sustainable employee awareness to protect against economic espionage and sabotage

Cybercrime, phishing, ransomware, malware, social engineering: who could potentially attack and how do they attempt to access confidential information? What would happen if such an information theft were successful? These fundamental questions are addressed in the e-learning module, vividly answered through a realistic story from a typical workday.

The protagonists of this narrative are Mike, responsible for information security at the fictional company ARGO, and Eva, an engineer at ARGO – targeted individual by criminal organizations due to her work on an innovative technology intended for patenting.

Learners accompany Mike and Eva, make decisions impacting information security, and learn how to identify potential traps, react in critical situations effectively, and avoid consequential misconduct in a playful manner. The learning module concludes with a brief knowledge assessment quiz.

Here you can see a small excerpt from our learning program:

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Summary and ordering information

The Security Awareness Training “Information Security” is available in both German and English. Through storytelling as a methodical framework, the importance of information security is engagingly conveyed, sensitizing your staff to recognize threats and respond appropriately to cyber-attacks and interpersonal influences. The learning module thereby supports compliance with the NIS-2 directive by creating awareness among employees and facilitating the work of your company’s security officers. The web-based training can be completed time- and location-independently with a manageable time commitment of approximately 25 minutes.

Additional options and customization possibilities:

  • Adaptation to your company’s Corporate Design
  • Incorporation of company-specific regulations
  • SCORM-compatible: Integration into your company’s Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Downloadable participation certificate

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PDF order form: Security Awareness Training “Information security” (GER and ENG)

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PDF product information sheet: Security Awareness Training “Information security”