Tangible and motivating. Digital learning means training success

Increase the knowledge of your employees with motivating training and learning solutions. E-learning options from benntec are exciting and made more so with gamification elements. E-learning simplifies the transition between dull theory and risk-filled reality in a playful, as well as time and spatially flexible, manner. The course content is enriched with catchy graphics, animation and audio commentary, allowing for better comprehension and retention of information. Even complex topics and sophisticated technology can be addressed in an interactive e-learning system.


Desktop, tablet and smartphone Digital learning and training. With technology that is familiar to everyone.
WBT/CBT The classics. Web- or computer-based training. Interactive, standardized and flexible.
Mobile Learning Learn and train on a smartphone. Wherever. Whenever.
multimedia Versatile and comprehensible thanks to graphics, animation, videos and audio.
motivating Gamification elements such as quizzes, rankings, and roles promote excitement and motivation to learn.
integrable Easily connect to learning management systems (SCORM compatible). Effective combinations with simulations are possible.
Interactive training with intuitive media makes learning exciting and therefore more effective. E-Learning options from benntec are flexible and action-oriented; integration into a training solution with simulation leads directly from theory to practice.

Example Project

Naval Fundamentals

Extracts from basic training (E-learning) for the Navy.