Marine and Nautical

Marine and Nautical

Get the experts for maritime training on board

Realistic preparation for emergencies prevents disasters, saves lives and ensures the competent handling of all systems on a ship. On the high seas, special conditions prevail: outside help is always far away and environmental conditions can change rapidly. The systems on board a ship are complex – for example, the starting of a ship's engine alone is a multi-step process.

Real operating experience.

Training technology with real operating systems prepares crew members for best practices on board. Simulations from benntec are based on exact mathematical-physical models and can be visualized in realistic detail.

Experienced experts.

The marine expertise at benntec is based on actual shipping practices. Employees who have themselves worked at sea, contribute their experience to the training materials. This in-depth industry knowledge makes benntec an ideal partner for marine learning and training technology.

Nautical expertise

The maritime expertise of benntec is concentrated in Rostock, directly on the waterfront in Warnemünde. Through the merger with MarineSoft in 2015, we are expanding our claim to be an innovative specialist in learning and training technologies.

The technical and procedural complexity of ship management is definitely a topic for experts. With benntec, you can train for individual systems and multi-stage operations, as realistically as necessary. Trust our experienced engineers and captains.
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