Understand techniques, increase safety: with training in a risk-free learning environment

If processes and systems are particularly complex or safety-related, excellent preparation of employees is imperative. benntec helps companies in industry minimize risks through digital learning and training technology.

From basic knowledge to special training.

The requirements for training content are as variable as the level of knowledge and the number of trainees in a group. With a learning app or web-based training, information such as compliance or work safety issues can be conveyed to a large group of employees. The operation of technically complex systems can be efficiently taught by a simulation that brings real operating mechanisms into the training environment, without the need for original equipment.

Learning and training solutions

Safety and Risk Realistic training. benntec reduces risks in safety-related areas.
Complexity and Technique Trained by professionals. benntec conveys industrial processes and technology with in-depth industry knowledge.
Standards and Knowledge What every employee needs to know. Share knowledge anytime, anywhere.
Many Trainees Large training throughput? Different learning locations? benntec manages your training requirements with tailor-made solutions.
Constant Quality Reliable level of training through standardized methods and content.
Variable Content Cutting edge knowledge. Digital learning solutions can be flexibly edited and quickly updated.
With expert knowledge of complex technology and targeted didactic preparation, benntec increases the training success of your employees. The flexibility of the learning and training solutions enriches digital learning in almost every industry.

Service Support

Maintenance in a new dimension

Make the inside of your systems and products visible, even from afar. With augmented reality and real-time 3D models, you can raise your service to a new level.

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