Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Excellent training for extreme conditions

The oil and gas industry has extremely high safety requirements. Digital learning empowers your employees to act competently and safely in this risky environment. With learning and training technologies from benntec, your trainees experience the hard everyday life of an oil platform in a safe learning environment. Basic knowledge and safety rules can be taught just as easily as complex processes and operations.

Worldwide experience for local safety.

benntec experts have experience extending all the way to the well-known oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. One advantage of digital learning and training solutions is their great flexibility: benntec technologies can be used anywhere in the world. They are tailored for every employee and every qualification, internationally understandable, and provide location-independent training.

Avoid faulty operation and serious accidents caused by the lack of experience. With our solutions for the oil and gas industry, you can train for risky situations in a safe learning environment.

Advantages and Opportunities

motivating Entertaining, digital training content: immediately understandable for your target group.
individual Custom tailored concepts and content: for every level of knowledge, and even for 1000 trainees.
worldwide Anywhere, anytime: avoid travel costs through flexible learning at any location.
Proficiency For safety and efficiency: empower your employees with digital learning.
Safety Fewer risks and accidents on the job: Competency in the workplace protects people, the environment, and materials.
Performance A functioning team: Process optimization through practiced interaction.