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Smart system solution for security authorized representatives

SeCon Meets Learning


As the central security body in companies, security authorized representatives are responsible for the implementation and documentation of the prescribed training of employees in the area of VS-NfD (sensitive information) and higher (secret and top secret information).

Even when using the established software SeCon-Personal from Nord-Tec, this task takes a lot of time.

Noticeable workload reduction and time savings for security representatives through an all-in-one platform that provides digital training content in an uncomplicated, motivating and verifiable manner:

Perfect interaction of the system components
Thanks to the smart linking of the SeCon-software with LEXAnow, a learning platform developed by benntec on which digital training courses on VS-NfD basics and other security topics are provided, the time required for security representatives is minimized.

The organization, implementation and verification of the training courses is uncomplicated and takes place “all-in-one”. Personal data is only processed in the proven SeCon-system.

Memorable learning content – stories from everyday work

The learning content for the platform “SeCon meets Learning” was didactically conceived and developed with professional expertise from benntec.

Since our brain finds it easiest to anchor information in our memory that is packaged in stories and arouses emotions, the learning content was implemented in a memorable and motivating way using storytelling methods. In each learning module, a main character guides the learners through the individual scenes and topic sections. Basics, regulations and examples from everyday work are always presented in context. Learners can better identify with the content and develop a lasting understanding of business secret protection and their own responsibilities in handling classified information.

Overview of the available learning modules

4 learning modules have already been implemented: basics in dealing with VS-NfD, VS-NfD in connection with IT, personnel secret protection and material secrecy protection. The learning content is continuously supplemented with further security-related topics. All learning modules are SCORM compatible. Resources, glossary and contact persons are integrated in each module. The processing time per module – depending on the speed of the learner – is approximately 20 to 25 minutes. Each module is concluded with a knowledge test. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued.

More quality and safety in the entire process

The high quality of the training courses, the consistency of the information conveyed, and the complete documentation create – as an optimal supplement to personal instruction – legal certainty for security representatives. Employees can carry out their mandatory training independently of time – even in the home office.

Further advantages of the platform are its actuality and the modularity of the learning content: Adaptations to changes in legislation or additional learning modules and language versions can be integrated easily and quickly.

The smart system solution „SeCon meets Learning“ complies with the highest security standards and relieves the security representatives of companies, organizations and authorities in security-related areas that work with classified information. Convince yourself personally and contact us.
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Further information and contact

Companies, organizations and authorities that are subject to secret protection benefit from the experience and professional expertise of the partners Nord-Tec as developer of the established software SeCon-Personal and benntec as e-learning expert with staff experienced in handling classified material (VS-NfD and above).

The intelligent all-in-one platform “SeCon meets Learning” meets the highest security standards and is available as an on-premise or SaaS solution. The access to the learning modules is via configurable authentication.

You can download the summarized information about the solution “SeCon meets Learning” as a PDF here:
Product information sheet: All-in-one platform Secon meets Learning

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