Learning Management and Training Technology

Learning Management and Training Technology

We make your training successful

Prepare your staff in the best way possible for actual work conditions. With digital training solutions from benntec, you can get as close to reality as your project requires. Attain the individualized learning goals of your organization with the right technology, whether it is a complex simulation, a mobile app, or a fascinating virtual reality application.

Before reality comes benntec!

Challenge the benntec experts with your training requirements. Benefit from honest advice, convincing concepts and efficient learning management systems. As a result, you’ll receive a tailor-made training solution, which prepares your trainees for the reality of their actual jobs.

Digital Learning

Ready for reality!

Training technology from benntec transforms complex training content into powerful and effective learning solutions. Let yourself be inspired.

Technology is our passion.

Organization? Efficient! Reliable. Modular. Clear. benntec organizes your training material.
Motivation? Increased! Modern technologies. Visual experiences. High Scores. Training is more successful when it’s fun!
Technology? Understood! Multi-part processes. Large installations. Complex technology. This is our core competency.
Effects? Realistic! Just like reality. Train with exact models!
Safety? Increased! Risk-free training environment. Security-relevant procedures. Learn to work safely, even in high-risk scenarios.
Quality? Reliable! Reproducible. Repeatable. Available. The same level of quality for all trainees.
Our customers work with complex technology and have high safety requirements. We are very happy to participate in your projects. With benntec technology, you train for competence in practice, any place, for any task.

What we do

Maritime Simulations Systems

The ship simulator

Experience our training technology: from desktop simulation to bridge-based training.

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