Verified and excellent: Quality of benntec

benntec quality is based on expert knowledge. Who can better advise on a maritime training solution than a captain? Who can better write a training program for pilots than someone who has a pilot’s license? With the experts at benntec you reach your goal: more learning motivation and training success. This is how we measure our quality.

Quality features

Passion Our heart beats for technology. And for an extra portion of training success!
Project Success We live for projects. Certified project managers and transparent processes for measurable success.
Efficiency Important or unimportant? Saving resources is the right thing to do.
Expertise Pilots, captains, engineers, 3D designers? Benntec employs specialists with an insider’s view.
Innovation Mobile? Virtual? We are moving forward, where innovation promises success.
Integrity Sensitive data? You can rely on discretion at benntec.
Quality also manifests itself in a partnership-based customer relationship. Our benntec team delivers the daily fuel for successful projects with competence and passion.


Best medium-sized service provider

The German economic magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” examined 20 industry sectors to find out which service providers German SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) value most, and why. In the field of eLearning, benntec has now been awarded the “Best Medium-Sized Service Provider” in Germany for e-learning for the second time in a row! The study shows that providers who offer more service than the competition are particularly popular with their medium-sized customers.

All results at a glance: www.wiwo.de.

An excellent learning app

Our Q & A-App was officially awarded the d-elina Award in the “Professional” category at LEARNTEC 2015. “Enormous transfer potential”, “Promotes new incentives for learning”: Try out the jury favorites!



benntec is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. For more information and to download the certificate, please visit our company page.