Consulting and Concepts

Consulting and Concepts

The best way to reach your training goals

You’d like to integrate training technology or e-learning into your company or optimize an existing solution? At benntec, you have experienced experts by your side. We analyze the opportunities and hurdles of digital learning together with you: At the beginning of the process, consultation with us, and at the end, competent users, which makes your company better, safer and more efficient.

Benefit from honest advice and in-depth expertise. We are excited about your project. Let us talk about how your training needs can be implemented: motivating, risk-free and efficient.

Experts for your industry

We know our way around

Here at benntec, we’re not only experts in training technology and e-learning, but also engineers and technicians who have experience with digital learning in industries with high security requirements, ensuring your training success.

The ‘5 Moments of Learning Needs’ inspire us to find a suitable solution for every learning moment. Only with an exact listing of all requirements can training be created that is both fun and supports the goals of a company in the best way possible.


Classic e-learning? A complex simulation? A mobile app? Or all of them together? Your requirements and your budget demand a suitable concept. We know what is right. At the beginning, we make an analysis of the training requirements, systematically and with the goal being an individual solution: with a screenplay, which distinguishes the important from the unimportant. With software that provides data protection and provides interfaces. For hardware that works reliably and meets current standards.