Maritime English

International crews - seven seas: One language

Clear and unambiguous communication prevents catastrophes in the worst case, and ensures smooth daily life aboard every ship. With training programs for maritime English, trainees practice standardized commands that every crew member must be able to understand and give.


Test of Maritime English

The mastery of the standardized Maritime English is a necessity for all sailors on international voyages and an important prerequisite for the fulfillment of their duties, as well as safety on board. In addition to their other learning products, MarineSoft enjoys worldwide success with their Maritime English software. Trainees can access the program on their own PC or in a networked training room to improve their Maritime English skills, then successfully complete the TOME (Test of Maritime English).


Flexible learning software developed together with WTA-Warnemünde. It comprises 20 units, which are based on the specifications of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and covers the topics and situations in Core Section 1 of the IMO Model Course 3.17, Maritime English.


In addition to professional content, the software teaches basic grammar skills, vocabulary, and pronunciation. FlexiMod increases the communication skills of trainees in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

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