Vehicle Systems

Vehicle Systems

Well prepared. Detailed training for complex technology

Driving and maintaining military vehicles demands expertise and detailed knowledge. The complexity of individual processes and whole systems requires a great deal of training. Due to availability or cost, training on original equipment can often only be done in the final phase. For indispensable basic and special knowledge, benntec offers motivational solutions through digital training technology – always with one goal in mind: ready for action!

100% Confidence

benntec is an experienced partner with military forces worldwide. Our employees handle confidential information with care. Our national and international customers rely on proven discretion and adherence to compliance guidelines.

Digital training technology for operational readiness. Realistic and resource-friendly: vehicle technology can be experienced through our high-end visualizations. We support soldiers and trainers with excellent training solutions and detailed technical expertise!

Full Service

For trainees and trainers.

benntec learning and training technology supports trainees with motivating, digital content, and we support teachers and trainers with clearly animated teaching aids.


For drivers. For repair personnel. For instructors. For strategists. For technicians. 360°. 3D. Virtual. Optimal.

Always Goal-oriented.
From experienced experts.