Augmented Reality Training

Augmented Reality Training

New dimensions of training and further education

Expand your reality and use a technology that expends your scope and takes training on the original device to a new level. Train processes without great effort, understand operating principles, gain technical understanding.

Become an expert!

The real environment is always visible in Augmented Reality Training, so you can interact and communicate with it as usual.The additional information, which are called up by a tablet or AR glasses, can be used as training or assistance.


Individual, flexible and mobile at any time. 

Augmented Reality - Be ready for today's learning!


Making the invisible visible - when and where you need it! 

With an enhanced reality through live tracking of the objects.

AR for training and further education

  • Increased degree of reality in training
  • Avoidance of wrong actions
  • Reduction of search times
  • Enabling of Multi-Tasking


  • Usability
    • Use by AR glasses or tablet / smartphone
    • Entrance portal with selection menu for different scenarios
    • Short tutorial to learn how to operate
    • AR glasses Microsoft HoloLens
      • simple voice commands such as „NEXT“ or „START“
      • intuitive gesture control

          • Exploration
            • Free exploration of a system / room with maximum freedom of movement 
            • Interacting with components
            • Retrieving of additional information
            • Exploring details with different forms of displaying, wich would not be visible in the original
          • Interaction
            • Disassembling and assembling of components (also possible under instruction)
            • „Looking into“ components (see what is usually hidden)
            • Interaction with the real world possible at any time
            • Different types of control:
              • Viewing direction
              • Language
              • Gestures

          Display options

          Cutaway model
          Interactive disassembly
          Highlight & Info
          Explosion view