Available no matter where you are. Service Support: live and worldwide

benntec develops highly flexible Service Support Tools that are optimized especially for sales, logistics, maintenance and repairs. Standard tablets are used as a platform. benntec Service SupportTools with integrated learning units, connect spatially separated processes, objects and persons, even over long distances. Data transmission is secured by encryption.

Strong performance

Streaming and chatting Easily connect over long distances via video conferencing and chat.
Scan and detect Recognize objects. Identify components. Augmented Reality as a base for solutions to problems.
Learning on demand User oriented rather than “off-the-shelf” solutions. Right at the workplace.
secure Encrypted data transfer, regardless of the connection type.
animated 3D animations make details visible and processes understandable.
integrated Uncomplicated connection. Integration into ERP, operating system or logistics system.
Transport knowledge where it is needed. With the benntec Service-Support-Tool, expert advice is in the right place at the right time: effective, digital and economical.


Help will be right there!

Take a look at the Service Support Tools from benntec. Discover on-site support thanks to help from afar.

Third Level Support – live and visual

Solve problems on the spot with an expert from afar. Make support and maintenance a service that is available anywhere. Easily connect to video conferencing and chat.

Identification from a distance

Use barcodes, QR codes or EAN to identify components, retrieve additional information, or order spare parts. The flow of information runs through databases and/or a direct connection to support or sales.

Training with remote feedback

Easy-to-update training content for learning in the workplace, no matter where the trainee is. Support learning on the original device with benntec Service-Support-Tools. Integrate direct feedback from the tutor/trainer into your digital learning solution.