We love Rostock

We love Rostock

With fish roll, foghorn and the sound of waves

Since 2015, benntec and MarineSoft have been working together in maritime competence - quite fitting is our location in the Rostock district „Warnemünde”. 

The charismatic university city at the river Warnow with its almost 210,000 inhabitants has not an overcrowded city, but many beautiful districts. The port city convinces with its Hanseatic flair due to its direct location at the Baltic Sea.

In the heart of the city you can find the “Kröpeliner Straße”, a pulsating shopping mile and promenade that invites you to stroll. If you are still longing for more sea, the S-Bahn takes you from the centre of Rostock to Warnemünde in about 20 minutes. There you can walk along the “Alter Strom”, watch the sailors and surfers on the Baltic Sea, imagine how it would be to spend your holidays on board of one of the cruise liners that regularly visit Warnemünde, or simply relax. 

Every year you can experience such maritime highlights, like “Hanse Sail”, “Warnemünder Woche” or “Warnemünder Turmleuchten” and let the fresh Baltic Sea wind blow around your nose.

If you want to do some sightseeing or experience some culture, you can climb the impressive “Warnemünde Lighthouse” or visit the “Teepott” and the “Edvard-Munch-Haus” in Warnemünde or the “Marienkirche” with the astronomical clock, the “Kloster zum Heiligen Kreuz” and of course the Rostocker “Art Gallery”.

Or would you prefer a visit to the zoo? The Rostock Zoo was voted the best zoo in Europe (category II). Special attractions are the ‘Darwineum’ and the ‘Polarium’.

In the former “IGA Park” you can visit the “Traditionsschiff” to learn more about the history of shipbuilding and shipping, or you can come to the regular concerts and fairs.

If you have to leave this beautiful city for a short or long time, you can quickly go to Hamburg, Berlin and other big cities by train. 

Come to the beautiful Rostock and convince yourselves.

We love Rostock.