Experts of technology – professional crews

At benntec, the training technology for aircraft and aircraft systems is based on expert knowledge. Employees with actual experience flying helicopters and airplanes understand the possibilities, as well as the limits of digital learning with this advanced technology. Each training session completed with benntec training technology minimizes time on original equipment. This saves costs and protects aircraft – without comprising quality during training.

On the ground

For experienced ground personnel.

Aircraft technicians must be perfectly trained. With benntec training technology, you teach the basics as well as specific details, making even the most complex connections transparent and unambiguous.

In the air

For experienced crews.

On the way to a pilot’s license or a type rating: benntec’s training solutions teach theoretical basics, and through procedural training, advance the skills of experienced crew members.

From the first e-learning session for basic training, to keeping experienced pilots up-to-date: For decades, our experts have been continuously advancing electronic learning for ground and air personnel. Attractive and effective, standardized and verifiable.

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