Web-Based-Training AGG

The General Equal Treatment Act (German AGG)


According to the regulations of the General Equal Treatment Act (the AGG in Germany), the employer is obliged to take suitable measures to protect against disadvantages due to discrimination. Pursuant to § 12 AGG, this also includes preventive measures, such as the publication of the law text in the workplace or regular employee training.

A web-based training is easy to handle and can be used anytime and anywhere, even mobile via tablet. It offers a good way to train employees in an uncomplicated manner. Pursuant to § 12 para. 2 AGG, the employer is exempt from his obligations to act with regard to prevention in the company. He saves organizational and administrative costs.

Motivated training with a manageable time expenditure

We used the storytelling approach to transform the subject, which is often perceived as dry, into a motivating learning unit lasting approx. 25 minutes. Your employees will be introduced to the rules and regulations of the AGG in an entertaining and memorable way. They gain knowledge of their own rights and obligations. In order to check what has been learned, the learning unit is followed by questions on the AGG, which employees can answer in a short knowledge test.

Here you can view the first chapter of the learning unit:

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Ordering information

The AGG learning module is available in German and English. You can purchase the right to use the program if you wish – even in your own corporate colors including logo. Furthermore, an integration of our learning module into the learning management system (LMS) of your company is possible. The order forms including price information and customization options can be downloaded here and filled out and returned to us by E-Mail:

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You still need to convince colleagues within your company? Here you can find our product information sheet with all information including QR code for the learning unit:

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We expressly point out that this learning module is not a legal service within the meaning of the Legal Services Act. For the evaluation of individual cases, please always consult a specialized lawyer.