Video and security technology

Video and security technology

Identify hazards. Protect valuables. Avoid the unthinkable

Raise the alarm when it matters. Up-to-date safety technology allows quick responses to threats or dangers. Keep track of and experience what “intelligent” security can do. Benntec safety systems create real added value: an automatic analysis of dangers provides targeted support for your guard personnel and thus reduces the number of required personell.

From a single source. At a glance.

With benntec, you have a single contact person for all of your security technology. For 30 years now, from planning and installation to service, benntec has been, and will continue to be, your trustworthy partner for safety. benntec brings together all your safety systems and makes them controllable at a glance.

Our promise

Reliable Working in security-relevant areas is based on trust and discretion. You can rely on benntec.
Protected See and document in the correct manner. Data and privacy protection is guaranteed with benntec security solutions.
Economical The right technology for every requirement. Our experience means increased efficiency for you.
Intelligent safety technology alerts you to real accidents! If there is no event, benntec safety systems allow time for your security personnel to do other tasks. A real advantage for your operational planning!
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Property protection

With benntec security technology, you protect your entire corporate environment from unauthorized access, espionage and sabotage. Optimal property protection secures both material and non-material assets in the long term, unobtrusively, and complies with data protection guidelines. Existing systems can be integrated seamlessly into the central risk management system. Suitable for your individual, local requirements, benntec combines tailor-made technology with a holistic and efficient safety concept.

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Risk management

Your headquarters for more security

All aspects of your security technology - in a single control center. Short reaction times and safety at a glance.

Security Technology


Visible. Safer.

Safety engineering from benntec combines planning expertise with decades of experience. The market offers many systems - we choose the right technology for you.

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