Compliance management for experts

With c-more as an electronic audit and management process to ensure third party compliance, your organization achieves maximum audit quality while increasing efficiency and documentation security.

Important features

  • Database-assisted gathering and structuring of relevant information about a new business partner
  • Electronic approval and notification procedure for the initialization of due diligence
  • Due diligence audit and assessment by integrated compliance specialists (for example, compliance officers, due diligence analysts, or other agents)
  • Central monitoring of a business partner's review and release status and automatic information for relevant changes ("approval monitoring")
  • Contract and life cycle management of a business partner
  • Company-wide, comprehensive reporting and KPIs provide quick information to decision-makers
  • Client-capable server and administrator user concept

Safety and protection

Both the security of the data processed in the c-more tool and data protection are important.

The (optional) use of separate servers for each company ensures individual access protection to the c-more database (s). All servers and databases can be interconnected for a global view.

The clearly defined, minimal interfaces between the individual c-more databases enable the rapid decoupling of individual databases in the case of security problems or the separation of individual companies.

There are no hidden communication paths between the individual databases and/or servers outside a defined network. The only interface to the outside is the mail server. Communication with external tools is performed exclusively via exchange directories with files in the csv/txt/xlsx format (for example, employee/master data comparison with SAP).

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