Training of Helicopter Maintenance Personnel

Minimize time required on actual equipment


Project background

The learning program created by benntec is an integral component of the TATM Project (Tiger Aircrew Training Means), in the course of which the companies Thales Simulation & Training and Rheinmetall Defence Electronics were commissioned by the OCCAR procurement authority with developing and delivering flight simulators and cockpit procedure trainers, along with CBTs for TIGER helicopters in the German and French army aviation.

The technical and logistical helicopter personnel is trained at the German/French Technician Training Center in the town of Fassberg, in Germany's Lüneburg Heath.


In all, the learning program for technical-logistic helicopter personnel offers content for 290 instruction hours, along with more than 600 animations and interactive 3-D models for classroom instruction. Content was implemented on the topics of avionics, electronics and weapons electronics.

All content is available to technicians as an information pool, also during their normal duties. The concept is based on three pillars: interactive 3D rendering of components, the 3D animation and CBT/WBT modules with simulation units.

The TIGER TLP learning programs are modular in design and can be individually configured and adapted to target groups. In this, the training system receives optimal support from the eTCM training management system developed by benntec for seminar-specific configuration and administration of training content in the network.

The benefit

With 3D-based maintenance training, helicopter maintenance personnel can be prepared for their duties to a level where training time on the original equipment can be vastly reduced or eliminated completely. It also eliminates the need for the use of expensive original components during training.

This type of practice-related instruction supports several forms of training, such as instructor-led teaching, self-paced learning with tutorial guidance and self-study.