Basic Naval Training

Fundamental training for naval cadets

The Project

Project Background

A maritime training institution switched to modern and attractive learning media in the course of modernizing its naval cadet training. The prospective naval officers are now being prepared for practical work on board as part of a blended learning concept using simulators, web-based training and classroom instruction. A new academy with ten computer classrooms and seven simulators has been set up for this purpose.

Vivid knowledge transfer

Extensive theoretical and also practical basic knowledge is required for naval cadets on board. Conventional teaching is mostly only conditionally suitable for conveying this knowledge; it often remains abstract due to missing or imperfect illustration.

The Web-Based-Training (WBT) “Naval Fundamentals” introduces naval cadets in 29 courseware units to the basics of Sonar, Radar, Electronic Warfare and Naval Communication. The learning program meets international standards and has been developed based on state-of-the-art instructional design methodology and didactics.

It provides learners with an attractive training solution that visualizes abstract matters with high-quality animations. It confronts the naval cadets with complex, practice-oriented tasks and challenges them to apply the newly acquired knowledge in examinations and tests, thus providing them with an immediate feedback about their learning progress.

Naval Communication

  • History of Naval Communication
  • Basic Communication Categories, their Methods and Means
  • Phonetic Alphabet / Morse Code / Signal Flags
  • Flag Hoisting
  • Basis Communication Systems, Radio Wave, Propagation and Modulation
  • Basic Message Format Prowords Radio-Telephone Procedures
  • Distress Signals / Control of Distress Traffic


  • Fundamentals of Sound
  • Theory of Sonar
  • Active Sonar
  • Passive Sonar
  • Sonar Equation
  • Transmission Loss (TL)
  • Target Strength (TS)
  • Doppler Effect
  • General Oceanography
  • Processing of Signals

Electronic Warfare

  • Electronic Warfare Fundamentals
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • EW Operational Concepts
  • EW Support (ES)
  • Electronic Attack (EA)
  • Electronic Protection (EP)
  • Signals Intelligence
  • EW Systems


  • Radar Theory
  • Factors affecting Performance and Accuracy
  • Marine Radar Systems
  • Air Radar Systems
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Systems
  • Operation and Use of Marine Radar Systems
  • Malfunctional, false and indirect echoes
  • Environmental Effects
  • Safety Precautions
  • Navigation

Valuable aid for the instructor

The contents of the Web-Based-Training are modular. Individual learning steps can be compiled from all lessons, either individually or for specific learning groups. Basic knowledge can thus be taught in a shorter time and the instructor can provide the cadets with much more differentiated and targeted support. In this way, the training institution is enabled to work through existing deficits in the basic topics with pinpoint accuracy. The training program is SCORM compatible and can be integrated into a learning management system, e. g. the NATO-certified learning management system ILIAS, to manage students and learning content.

Further information

The Web-Based-Training is available as a complete learning series or as single modules. It was produced in English language. The courseware units can be used for self-paced and instructor-led training within a blended learning concept.

You can find more information in the PDF:
E-Learning Naval Fundamentals

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